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Mail-order aligners are a new form of direct to consumer business model.They mainly use self-impression kits; prescribe aligners remotely, and mail directly to the patient for self-treatment.

On the other hand,Orthodontic treatment is not just about cosmetic needs. It is a clinical treatment that requires to be examined, planned, supervised and executed by qualified orthodontists, dentists and hygienists.


While using technology can make treatment more efficient, the clinical aspects and supervision should not be compromised.

The General Dental Council (GDC) states that orthodontics is a very specific area and therefore the elimination of the qualified dentists is a major risk.

Mail-order business model visibly eliminates dentists for the initial assessment where there are serious risks associated to suitability and applications of the aligners.

In contrast private clinics conduct initial consultation by skilled  dentists and specialists and formulate orthodontic treatments which safest and correct rout for patients. But they provide such treatment in different shapes, packages, and ultimately prices. 


Patient are finding different treatment options by visiting different clinics and 'shop around' for the best option is growing. This is an exhausting search and there is no confidence that patients can ever find the truly best and most suitable option.

We, in Hook Dental Club, recognised this and developed a solution to provide patients with options to choose the best and most suitable treatment plan.

In Hook, we provide a platform to enable patients and clinicians exchange their information. By working with a network of doctors we will provide several proposals for our patients to compare and choose and support patients throughout their journey. 

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