How it works? 

join us and experience a once-in-a-life orthodontic treatment journey to make the smile you always dream of . . .  

1. Initial Assessment 

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Sign up and check our Free Assessment portal. Submit your information and photos as instructed or Contact us to book appointment and visit our clinicians in one of the nearest Imaging Centres.

  • we will make a detailed assessment and teeth impression using 3D technology and imaging and create a full assessment report. 

  • we will make your report available to our registered doctors to review, assess and build your customised treatment plan and price proposal. 

  • you will benefit from one of our seasonal promotional products (Sign up to learn about our current special deals). 

To make it even easier, Hook is the first and only provider of mobile clinics. Contact us today to find out more about our Hook Mobile paths and availability for your first visit 

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2. Compare your Offers 

Compare several treatment plans, choose the one suites you the best, and let us handle all paperwork, payment and contract.

  • within 3 to 5 working days receive several treatment proposals from our registered doctors, with plan and price.

  • compare the treatment plans and cost; review the full profile of the doctors including their qualifications, work experiences and reviews and testimonials by past patients; and choose the one suits you the best. 

  • we will handle your payments, zero interest finance, contract and all other paperwork as required.  

We have a growing network of qualified dentists/orthodontists with proven work experience. Hook assessment team review and approve every single doctor for registration     

3. Start your Treatment 

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Meet your dentist in person, and start your treatment journey with confidence

  • we will facilitate your direct communication with your dentist to arrange your first meeting

  • we are always there to support you throughout your treatment journey 

  • we are always there to help you with your post treatment requirements  

You deserve a smile you always dream of but with a best plan that suites your personal circumstances including your case complexity, geographical location and, budget


We make it possible! 



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