COVID-19 and Dental Aerosol Headache

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Dental aerosol clouds carry airborne particles including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. As the lock down is coming to end, dental practices are getting ready to start working again. But how?

There are confusions, different guidelines everyday (that often are not consistent), and different messages around how to get back to work.

PPE is at the top of that!

You probably have already either gone, or going for fitting test of FFP3 masks and so you know how hard it is working with them! This is a new norm, but is it sustainable? You never know! On top of that current supply shortage of materials is not helping.

During Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP), droplets travel around your room. Droplet particles stay airborne for a long time after a procedure. This is why dental practices are recommended to leave sufficient time gap (~60 min.) between each procedure. This makes your operations economically not viable.

In such uncertain time, and in the absence of clear understanding, standards and guidelines, you need to take common sense measures, above and beyond the formal guidelines issued by different authorities.

As issues around post COVID-19 re-opening is growing, our researchers in Hook Dental Club came up with a new barrier design. We built a prototype and conducted detail simulations and tests. We saw magnificent results and so decided to go for a full production. Not an easy task given the condition around the world with such unbelievable high demand for same materials but, we managed to get together a team and set up a production line.

The Aero Shield, designed by our team, increases protection measures for your clinicians during AGP by full shielding you from a direct contact with aerosol thick cloud. Then by redirecting the aerosol flow to a more concentrated area, enables you to have a targeted suction. Also as particles are now trapped inside the hemisphere, the time required for them to land on specific surfaces is much shorter. The measures that reduces the time gap between procedures.

The graph and the image below explain it all. This is the amount of particles floating in your room during a typical AGP operation and how our Aero Shield is managing and reducing it down. (See more detailed results here)

It is just common sense... why not try it?

ps: Please either contact me, or go to our Shop section in the website and purchase your unit today. (If you contact me, I can provide you with discount voucher as I still have a few available)

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